It started with a project for the Venice Biennale of Architecture 2020 for the Luxembourg Center for Architecture LUCA - the project became a victim of Covid-19 ......

SLAT STOOL is a DIY- Stool project
No glue - just 32 screws and 12 simple wooden slats.
Everybody can do it.

You can download the manual if you want do make a stool yourself (click on the sketch below to download a PDF).
- just  get the wooden slats and some screws in your local hardware store

Please click on the image below to open a link to the video that shows you how to assemble your SLAT-STOOL

If you are looking for a more easy way to get your stool, you can also order the SLAT-STOOL as a complete DIY-Kit on my partner webshop:  www.carrerouge.lu
You will receive a box including the wooden parts and screws, as well the complete assembly instruction - all you need is a screwdriver.